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Lose Pounds

Running to Lose Weight There are many reasons you may be running to lose weight. Here are a few...New Years Resolution, Baby Fat, Doctors Orders, I want to look nice in that bikini this summer

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Asthma Symptoms

Asthma Inhaler Older females tend to have a higher rate of asthma as well as older people in general. Asthma can also be set off by allergens, and pollution. Asthma medications are hard to develop because no two people have the same level of asthma

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How to breathe!

Proper Way Breathe

We all know how to breathe. It's about as natural as.. well.. breathing air, but are you breathing correctly when running? Read the article to find out.

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High Altitude Training Overview
High Altitude Training

Altitude High TrainingWikipedia defines Altitude Training as "the practice by some endurance athletes of training for several weeks at high altitude, preferably over 2,500 m (8,000 ft) above sea level, though more commonly at a lower altitude due to the lack of availability of a suitable location."

Altitude training boosts red blood cell counts and helps your body increase oxygen absorption. As oxygen absorption is a key factor in running (we all need to breathe right?) this is helpful to those super athletes looking for an edge.

Let's be realistic here, 99.9% of runners are hobbiest and not going to take a month off work to go run. If we could how high is high enough? Well according to research 2,500m or 8,000 feet.

Here is an online tool we found that will give you a list of parks, and cities that are above the 8,000ft range.

Even if you are not a super athlete and running is your job you can still get some benefit from this science, assuming you can afford to drop a few thousand dollars?

Recently a market has opened up for products that emulate the conditions of living at high altitude. While most of these products are for your bedroom (tents for your bed, breathing masks) some are even large enough to place a treadmill or station cycle.

Check out this site
for some of these products I'm talking about or just google Altitude Sleeping Systems.

So in brief summary. Yes it works. Min elevation 8,000 feet or 2,500m. There are also some products that can emulate the effects.

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