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Lose Pounds

Running to Lose Weight There are many reasons you may be running to lose weight. Here are a few...New Years Resolution, Baby Fat, Doctors Orders, I want to look nice in that bikini this summer

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Asthma Symptoms

Asthma Inhaler Older females tend to have a higher rate of asthma as well as older people in general. Asthma can also be set off by allergens, and pollution. Asthma medications are hard to develop because no two people have the same level of asthma

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How to breathe!

Proper Way Breathe

We all know how to breathe. It's about as natural as.. well.. breathing air, but are you breathing correctly when running? Read the article to find out.

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Aqua Jogging
Aqua Jogging not just for the old and obese

Aqua Jogging Aqua Jogging is a sport or activity that was actually invented in the United States. It's purpose was and is to provide a low impact high resistance workout. This was naturally geared towards the elderly, post-op patients, and the obese. In the elderly it helps build and maintain muscle and bone density, it's an alternative form of rehab for patients after surgery, and in the obese it is a means of burning calories with minimal impact to things like the spine, knee, and hips.

So why would any athlete in their prime (or sub prime in my case) be interested in doing this? Well it's fun and has some benefits. Obviously Aqua Jogging for 30 minutes is not equal to going out and running 10 miles, but what if you feel an injury coming on or are trying to relax while exercising. Why not rotate a day in here and there.

Running in place in the pool will get your heart rate up while strengthening joints and muscles. Running laps is similar to running with a parachute tied to your back, arms, and legs. Plus it's fun. I can't step into an aquatics center without memories of childhood pool games and long forgotten summer days. It's an instant mood enhancer.

So next time you are bummed out, or just looking for a low impact work out visit your local Aquatic Center for some Aqua Jogging. Article on Aqua Jogging

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