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Lose Pounds

Running to Lose Weight There are many reasons you may be running to lose weight. Here are a few...New Years Resolution, Baby Fat, Doctors Orders, I want to look nice in that bikini this summer

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Asthma Symptoms

Asthma Inhaler Older females tend to have a higher rate of asthma as well as older people in general. Asthma can also be set off by allergens, and pollution. Asthma medications are hard to develop because no two people have the same level of asthma

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How to breathe!

Proper Way Breathe

We all know how to breathe. It's about as natural as.. well.. breathing air, but are you breathing correctly when running? Read the article to find out.

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Stretching before or after you run?

Stretching on Beach "To stretch or not to stretch this is the question. Whether it is better to be warm not pulling muscles or relieving aching thighs." -William Shakespeare

It doesn't take a rocket scientist (or a sixteenth century playwright for that matter) to understand the importance of stretching as it pertains to running. It does however require at least some knowledge to know when, why, and how to stretch.

Athletes and Athletic Trainers have different views. Ask 10 people and you're liable to get 10 varied answers.

From what we have read it is better to do both. Stretch or warm up slowly before running. Allow your muscles to warm up before hitting them with a several minute to several hour pounding. How would you like it if someone jerked you out of bed in the morning and made you start working without your morning cup of joe?

Be sure to let your leg muscles calm down after running try to go from a Run to a walk for a few minutes at the end. This will partially cool down your muscles. Ever get done running and you can still feel your leg muscles firing? Let your muscles cool down for 20-30minutes or in a cool shower then do your stretches.

Here are some stretching tips from

Stretching Do's and Do Not's


  • warm up thoroughly first
  • ease into a stretching routine
  • only static stretches (slow, rhythmic movement)
  • pay attention to your breathing (take deep belly breaths)
  • make stretching a habit
  • relax
  • listen to your body

Do Not..

  • hold your breath
  • bounce
  • force a stretch
  • hold painful stretches
  • stretch injured muscles
  • hurry through your routine
  • compete


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