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Lose Pounds

Running to Lose Weight There are many reasons you may be running to lose weight. Here are a few...New Years Resolution, Baby Fat, Doctors Orders, I want to look nice in that bikini this summer

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Asthma Symptoms

Asthma Inhaler Older females tend to have a higher rate of asthma as well as older people in general. Asthma can also be set off by allergens, and pollution. Asthma medications are hard to develop because no two people have the same level of asthma

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How to breathe!

Proper Way Breathe

We all know how to breathe. It's about as natural as.. well.. breathing air, but are you breathing correctly when running? Read the article to find out.

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10k Race Training Schedule from
10K Race Plan

10K Train for Race

This is EgoRaces 10K Training Plan, feel free to print and modify the table below, if you need help post a question in the forum.

How many miles are in a 10K race?

In a 10K race there are 6.25 or 6 and a quarter miles. 10k = 6.25 miles.

A quick overview

Your body needs a few weeks or months (depending on age and prior level of activity) to acclimate to running long distances. Be sure not to overdue it, stay hydrated, and don't let injuries creep up on you. No one want's to spend 2 months training and not be able to run due to an injury.

  Mon Tue Wed Thur Fri Sat Sun
Week 1 Rest Sprints Rest 1mi Rest 1mi Rest
Week 2 Rest Sprints Rest 1mi Rest 2mi Rest
Week 3 Rest Sprints Rest 2mi Rest 3mi Rest
Week 4 Rest Sprints Rest 3mi Rest 4mi Rest
Week 5 Rest 2mi Rest 4mi Rest 5mi Rest
Week 6 Rest 2mi Rest 5mi Rest 6mi Rest
Week 7 Rest 3mi Rest 6mi Rest 7mi Rest
Week 8 Rest 3mi Rest 2mi Rest Race Rest

Rest: Take this day off, you can stretch or even walk a few laps at the park. Nothing strenuous.

Sprints: Do a few sets of 25, 50, or 100yard sprints. This type of training is often called Fartleks.

Miles: You can do more if you wish, just try not to do less.

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