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Lose Pounds

Running to Lose Weight There are many reasons you may be running to lose weight. Here are a few...New Years Resolution, Baby Fat, Doctors Orders, I want to look nice in that bikini this summer

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Asthma Symptoms

Asthma Inhaler Older females tend to have a higher rate of asthma as well as older people in general. Asthma can also be set off by allergens, and pollution. Asthma medications are hard to develop because no two people have the same level of asthma

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How to breathe!

Proper Way Breathe

We all know how to breathe. It's about as natural as.. well.. breathing air, but are you breathing correctly when running? Read the article to find out.

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Born to Run
Where you Born to Run?

Born to Run Humans started to jog around two million years ago, according to fossil evidence of some distinctive features of the modern human body.

It has been suggested that our large posteriors are balance mechanisms that help us while running, but do very little while walking. Some of you are thinking hey I workout I don't have a large butt.

There are some pretty compelling facts that help explain why over 300,000 people ran Marathons last year. Maybe we aren't crazy after all.

They suggest our ancestors would outrun game over great distances. They note that good long distance runners can even outrun a horse. Ancestors would hunt in packs and over great distances, chasing down food and then killing it once it was to tired to fight. This could be one reason why we are tall and lean, and not short and strong like some of our earlier relatives.

Why on earth would we purposely put our bodies in pain, and take up so much time. How could we somehow twist this thought into pleasure. I once read a girls shirt that said "My sport is your sports punishment". Millions of people can't be doing this solely for health reasons.

It has to have something to do with our primeval stages of our bipedal existence.

Crawl...Walk... Run...Walk...Crawl...Die... Enjoy running while you can.

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